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Vintage Toys - toys you probably can't buy any more
Beast Wars: Ravage (/Jaguar)
Beast Wars: Transmutate
Defenders of the Earth
Dennis The Menace: The Game
Extreme Ghostbusters
Galaxy Rangers: Doc Hartford
GoBots: Scooter
He-Man: Starship Eternia
Highlander: The Animated Series
Independence Day
James Bond Jr
Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs
Marvel Legends
MOTU Fright Zone
MOTU 200x
Micro Machines
Power Rangers DragonzordMegazordMega Dragon Zord
Power Rangers Serpentera
Rock Lords
Space Precinct
Stargate (movie figures)
Star Trek
Star Wars Micro Machines
Street Fighter II GI Joes
Talisman 3rd Edition
Transformers: Bludgeon
Transformers: Metroplex
Transformers: Robot Heroes
Transformers: Soundwave & Blaster
Transformers: Skylynx
Transformers: Twin Twist & Topspin

Modern Toys - toys released within the past few years
Batman Classic 60s TV Batman & Robin
Batman Classic 60s TV Batmobile
Battlestar Galactica Cylons
Ben 10: Alien Creation
Ben 10: Kevin's DX Action Cruiser
Ben 10 Minifigures
Ben 10 Omniverse: Shocksquatch - supplied by Bandai
Blobimals - supplied by
Chuggington KoKo Torch - supplied by Tomy
Chuggington Wooden Railway - supplied by Tomy
CPS (cheap plastic sword)
Doctor Who: Character Building
Doctor Who: Fez Doctor
Doctor Who: Francesco the vampire
Doctor Who: Junk TARDIS
Doctor Who: Impossible Set
Doctor Who: Other Doctor
Doctor Who: Stetson
Doctor Who: TARDIS playset
Doctor Who: Time Warrior Set
Friday 13th SDCC 'Video Game' Jason
Game of Thrones Legacy: The Hound
Ghostbusters: Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (Mattel)
Ghostbusters: 24" Stay Puft Marshmallow Man bank
Ghostbusters 2 figure set
Go-Bots (Not): Unique Toy Salmoore (Cy-Kill)
Gormiti: 3D Puzzle
Gremlins George
Gremlins: Spider Gremlin
Lego: Cars Mater & Lightning McQueen
Lego: Ghostbusters Ecto-1
Lego: Hobbit An Unexpected Gathering
Lego: TMNT Lair Attack
Long Foam Stick
Madballs sick series
Marvel Legends: Extremis Iron Man
Marvel Legends: Iron Man 3 Iron Monger BAF
Marvel Legends: Terrax Wave
Matey Bath Book - supplied by Matey
Meccano - supplied by Meccano
MOTUC: Bikini Teela
MOTUC: Catra
MOTUC: Hordak (Filmation)
MOTUC: Horde Troopers
MOTUC: Granamyr
MOTUC: Karatti
MOTUC: Kobra Khan
MOTUC: Quarter 1 2014
MOTUC: Quarter 2 2014
MOTUC: Quarter 3 2014
MOTUC: Club Etheria Q1 2014
MOTUC: Ram-Man
MOTUC: Spirit of Hordak
MOTUC: Standor
MOTU: Plushies
Mr Colour Maker - supplied by Tomy
Octonauts: Octopod
Pic 'n' Pop - supplied by Tomy
Pikachu - supplied by Tomy
Power Rangers Legacy Dragonzord
Power Rangers Legacy Megazord
Power Rangers Minifigures
Power Rangers Super Samurai Morphin Vehicle - supplied by Bandai
Predator SDCC Albino
Predator Series 9
Predators Series 11
Predator Skull Pack
Roaring Raa Raa the Noisy Lion - supplied by Tomy
RoboCop 'Video Game' figure
SDCC Haul 2011
ThunderCats: Lizard Cannon
ThunderCats: Sword of Omens
ThunderCats: ThunderRacers
ThunderCats: Thundertank
TMNT: 2014 Movie Figures
Tonka Town Fire Station
Transformers: Age of Extinction Voyager Grimlock
Transformers: AM Wildrider
Transformers Construct Bots: Shockwave
Transformers: Generations Rattrap
Transformers: Generations Scoop
Transformers: Generations Skybyte
Transformers: Kre-O Battle for Energon
Transformers: Kre-O Kreons
Transformers: Kre-O Optimus Prime (large)
Transformers: Kre-O Optimus Prime (small)
Transformers: Leader Starscream
Transformers: Masterpiece Bluestreak
Transformers: Masterpiece Optimus Prime part 1 part 2
Transformers: Masterpiece (Not) Slag
Transformers: Masterpiece (Not) Quakewave
Transformers: Masterpiece Sideswipe
Transformers: Masterpiece Soundwave
Transformers: Metroplex
Transformers: Over-Run
Transformers Prime: Beast Fire Predaking
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Leader Optimus Prime
Transformers: Rodimus vs Cyclonus
Transformers: Shattered Glass Octopunch
Transformers (Not): Assaulte (Not Broadside)
Transformers (Not): City Commander TFX-01 (Not Ultra Magnus)
Transformers (Not): Grind Rod (not Rollbar)
Transformers (Not): Hercules (aka Not-Devastator)
Transformers (Not): Renderform Gold Scout kit
Transformers (Not): Robot Animal Changers (not Beast Wars)
Transformers (Not): Kranax & Arbilus
Transformers (Not): Warbot Defender (not Springer)
Trash Pack
Trash Pack Trashcans
Tron Legacy Rinzler
Voltron Red Lion & Lance
Vtech Baby Laptop

Films/TV/Books etc
Auto Assembly 2000
Auto Assembly 2013
Auto Assembly 2014
Hear the Roar! Guide to the ThunderCats
The Black Cauldron
The Legend of Korra: Book 1
Power Rangers Samurai
Power Rangers: The Movie
Power and Honor Foundation Catalog Vol.1
Star Trek Starships Collection #1 (Eaglemoss) - Enterprise D
Star Trek Starships Collection #2 (Eaglemoss) - Enterprise refit
Star Trek Starships Collection #3 (Eaglemoss) - Klingon Bird of Prey
ThunderCats comic (Panini)
Toy Collector Fair, NEC
The Zoom #10

Not Reviews - stuff that isn't a review
1 page comic #1 (Transformers)
1 page comic #2 (Transformers)
1 page comic #3 (Transformers)
1 page comic #4 (Masters of the Universe)
Palindrome Awards 2011
Palindrome Awards 2012
Palindrome Awards 2013
Review of the Year 2011
Review of the Year 2012
Never had a toyline
Power Rangers Empower

My Collection - A broad overview of some of my toy collections

Construction - vaguely toy-related stuff I've built
Han Solo in Carbonite
Knitted Marvel Zombies
Stark Tower (which has since been upgraded, though not written about)
The Batcave
Ghostbusters 2 Lewis
Barad Dur