Monday, 14 November 2011

Review: Blobimals

Currently on offer at £4.99 at Find Me a Gift.

Sunday mornings were peaceful in my house in the mid 90s. I used to use the time to do my homework. This was a great time of the week to do homework due in on Monday morning as the library was shut and the internet hadn't been invented yet*.

*may not be quite true.

But enough of my creative Fact Invention. Why was the house peaceful, you ask? Because my sister was busy beating people up at her karate lesson. As well as Peace For Homework, her absence meant I had free reign of the TV. This may possibly have taken priority over homework.

Anyway, it was during these Sunday mornings that I was introduced to two all-time classic TV shows: Rugrats and Bump in the Night. The first, I suspect everyone knows about, the other, however, is more of a cult classic. A bit like The Evil Dead...but less scary, or Pi but, it's pretty much as crazy as Pi. A different type of crazy, but equally mad.

Its insanity is key to its brilliance.

It's about the adventures of Mr Bumpy, a 'wild green guy' who lives under the bed eating socks; his best friend Squishington, the toilet monster; and Molly, a ragged comfort doll. They run around the house having wild adventures, escaping the clutches of the Closet Monster and Destructo the robot. The best bits were always the Karaoke Cafe sections, where one of the gang grabbed a mic and burst into song...

Take my love of Bump in the Night, my childhood enjoyment of making blu-tac models, my lifelong enjoyment of fiddling with stuff with I'm doing something else (watching TV, sat thinking while at work, ...) and combine it with an offer from Find Me A Gift to send something for us to test and...

Blobimals are possibly the best thing I have ever received in the post. It's essentially a pot of something very similar to Silly Putty, with added feet/eyes/tails. The idea is you sit and make a monster. Then you make another. And another. And another.


This had the kids entertained for ages.

Then they went to bed and it had me entertained for ages.

Then the kids woke up and it entertained them for ages again.

Then I made Squishington and they asked 'who's that?' and I said 'you're in for a treat, let's put the DVD on...'

Then they said 'make Mr Bumpy' and I said 'we haven't got green' and they said 'make him red' and I...failed to make anything that even remotely looked like Mr Bumpy.

Blobimals have the potential to appeal to everyone. I can see them equally at home sat on an office desk being used as a kind of stress ball, or by children for...well, playing with. They make great stocking fillers or Secret Santa presents. They're currently less than a fiver at Find Me a Gift, which on a 'hours of entertainment ' scale is a complete bargain.

A tip, though. On the instructions it clearly states to (quite obviously) keep the stuff away from soft furnishings. This includes the sleeves of your jumper. It's probably worth telling your children this before they start playing...

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