Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Toyologist Review: Count N Crunch Cookie Monster

£29.99 from Toys R Us.

A little while ago we tried out the new Elmo. The general conclusion was that it was ridiculously overpriced for what you got (thankfully the price has plummeted almost everywhere since). We've now received Count N Crunch Cookie Monster, a simpler toy which is priced much, much lower. What did we think of this one?


Cookie Monster comes with 3 cookies. After turning him on by pressing his left foot, he'll request to be fed and open his mouth. In go the cookies. When the cookie-well dries up, Cookie Monster will suggest looking in his backpack for more. The process repeats itself, with Cookie Monster throwing in random phrases as you go. Sometimes he'll count the cookies - hence the name of the toy - but he'll only do it to three.

This is amazingly good fun. Yes, I know there isn't really any counting. It would have been much better if he'd managed to go up to five, but putting that aside Cookie Monster is BRILLIANT. He is the personification of FUN.

My 3yo was sat for a good 20 minutes constantly feeding him. I had to drag him away to school in the end, amid shouts of 'but he says he wants more cookies!'. Even Granddad sat feeding Cookie Monster for a disturbingly long time.

It will as come to no surprise to anyone if your little one attempts to feed Cookie Monster an actual biscuit, but no fear! His oesophagus is a smooth plastic chute so a (small/piece of) cookie can be fed without any worries.

At £30 this is still a little pricey - I'd have thought more along the lines of £25 max - but I can forgive the extra fiver just for being so much darn fun.

Time to move aside, Elmo, the real star monster of Sesame Street is here to claim the title!

I want to talk to you today about teeth. Cookie Monster has no teeth, which is a result of consuming so many cookies over the years. You know how when you eat a cookie bits of it get stuck in your teeth and you can pick the bits out if you get hungry later? This is bad. Cookies contain a lot of sugar, which will rot your teeth and mean many, many visits to Mo-Larr the dentist.

Cookies are a 'sometimes food'. You can have them, but not all the time, and it's very important to brush your teeth properly afterwards. Cookie Monster learnt these lessons too late and must now rely on dentures if he wants to chew anything. This is why he makes such a mess when he's eating.

Don't be like Cookie Monster - eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and brush your teeth twice a day.

Until next--  Oh, hey Cookie Monster. How are you doing?

Why you no tell me about cookies earlier?  Me now have no teeth! You make me sad Cookie Monster!

Well, I'm sorry, but--

Do He-Man have lots of sugar in? It okay to eat He-Man?

Well, hang on a minute... Hey! What are you--

Ha ha ha ha! Nom nom nom...

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