Friday, 23 September 2011

Toyologist Review: Lets Rock Elmo

What do you buy the person who has everything? The person who has Tickle-Me Elmo, Pogo Stick Elmo, Hokey-Cokey Elmo, TMX Elmo, Elmo Live...

(yes, we have apparently collected a number of Elmos over the years)

Well, you're in luck! There's another Elmo! Let's Rock Elmo!

Even better - this time I didn't have to pay for it!

I remember watching the reviews for TMX & Live. I remember lots of adults sitting round watching these things in amazement, their jaws dropping unable to believe the technology packed into these red bundles of fur. You couldn't help but wonder who these toys were really being made for...

Let's Rock Elmo has a similar adult-astonishing effect.

Press Elmo's foot and he'll ask for an instrument. Place the requested drums/cymbal/microphone in his hand and he'll begin to sing (one of 6 songs) and play whatever you've just given him. Throw in some other phrases and that's pretty much the total play value of Let's Rock Elmo.

(He will also - if you have bought it (separately) - interact with other items, for example the Grover Microphone and you can both sing along together.)

If you like Elmo, this is more than enough. A child (or child at heart) will happily get whatever instrument Elmo has instructed and sing along with the little red chap.

If you don't like Elmo you'll be putting him straight in the bin (then extracting him from the bin & putting him on ebay when you see how much he cost).

I think Elmo's a fun character. I remember watching Elmo's World before going to lectures in a morning (yes, some students do get up in time to attend morning lectures). I wouldn't, however, ever consider paying £70 for this.


 I understand the amount of research and technology that's gone into creating LR Elmo. I can see where the money has gone developing an innovative product like this. I don't like to mark Elmo down as he's just so darn cute singing his little heart out. But the poor guy just doesn't do enough to justify £70 of my hard-earned money.

While some children will be enchanted, mine weren't especially. Previous Elmo's were entertaining to them for a while but they haven't been touched in a long time and now just take up a lot of space. LR Elmo has hardly been played with at all. 4 yo had no interest at all. 2yo had a passing couple of foot-presses but that was it. Baby likes to play with the instruments, but she has no interest in Elmo himself.

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