Saturday, 29 January 2011

Opinion: Secrets Revealed

Originally I was going to keep this blog purely for reviews, but I thought I'd try a small experiment and branch out a little.

This week, as most people probably don't know, was the UK Toy Fair in London.  This was for industry insiders (eg the people who work for Toys R Us) to have a nosey at what the toys manufacturers are hoping will sell like Furby this year. This is all well and good, I'm sure many other industries have similar fairs.  The problem is with a toy fair that there are a lot of people (adults) who collect toys and want a peek at what they'll be able to spend their hard-earned cash on soon.

There is a problem.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Review: Micro Machines

"Micro Machines come in collections of 5!" said the guy on the advert, followed by him balancing a centimetre-long car on his finger - a trick that would keep children entertained for hours as they tried to copy him (turns out its much easier as an adult due to increased finger size).

Coming from the Golden Age of Toys (the 80s) Micro Machines were like every other car line out there, but micro. The line began with cars, then expanded to other vehicles, then onto lines such as Star Wars vehicles, Star Trek, and even the Aliens films.