Saturday, 3 September 2011

Review: Power Rangers Dragonzord

You'll remember (of course you will!) a couple of weeks ago I did a review of the new Power Rangers Megazord, in which I mentioned that the original Dragonzord was pretty darn cool.

Well, now  I  the children own one.

And...I was wrong.
Yeah, not for the first time a toy that looked really, really cool has turned out to not be.

As was very obvious from watching the TV show, the Dragonzord doesn't really do much. He just kind of stands there. The articulation is incredibly limited, so he can't even stand there in a different pose. What you see is what you get.

There's a switch on the back which - according to the box - fires laser-type things. Actually what happens is a load of little red lightbulbs blink and there's a beeping noise.


To be fair, if I had the original Power Rangers Megazord things would be a lot more interesting as the two can combine together in a couple of ways. I don't have the original Power Rangers Megazord because it's ridiculously expensive.

So instead of a super-dooper mode, I get this:

I believe the official term is a 'car wreck'.

The other thing you got with the Dragonzord was the once-evil-now-good Green Ranger. You have to pity the Red one really. The guy signs up to the show thinking that, as leader, he'll get all the girls swooning over him, when all he was was a place-holder until the real hunk came along.

What surprised me about the Green Ranger is how big he is. He's almost as tall as the Dragonzord. Compare that to the new rangers which are about as big as your average ant.

What did I learn from this endeavour? Well, not to believe everything on TV (which is something a large proportion of the public could do with learning) and also that I have to buy a Mighty Morphin' Megazord at some point. I also learnt that despite what toy companies try and convince you, kids like big action figures (my boys love the Green Ranger, if not the Dragonzord), which means their excuse for reducing the size of them over the years is purely down to cost.

The new series, Power Rangers Samurai, is currently on Nickelodeon from Saturdays to Wednesdays at 3pm, with repeats at 4pm.

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