Sunday, 4 September 2011

Review: Mighty Morphin Megazord

So you read the Dragonzord review. You were sad & disappointed when I mentioned that I didn't own an original Megazord for him to combine with. You lives were empty and hollow as a result. Well, grab a hanky and dry those tears. Just for you (and the fact that the auction ended early on a Saturday morning so no one remembered to bid & I got it really cheap) here it is...

The original Mighty Morphin Megazord!

Having not had my hands on a megazord ever before Toys R Us sent us one to review, I've only got that one to compare it with. I'm actually really impressed with it. It's far more complicated a transformation than the Samurai one.

Whereas for the Samurai the formation of the megazord from its bits follows a standard Transformer-combiner approach where the four limbs stick on the central core, the Mighty Morphin one is more (to continue the Transformer analogy) Devastator-like and has the black zord fold open, clip around the red zord, and form both the arms. The 'pink' zord forms the chest plate and the yellow & blue bits stick on as standard as legs.

It's a bit strange that over the past 18 years things have become simpler.

As well as the big zord, there's also a kind of strange tank-like mode they can all join into. This looks a bit like the Megazord sitting down with guns stuck in his hands. I tried to take a photo, but the kids had already run off with it.

Apparently, at least according to the ebay descriptions, it's 'rare' (though almost everything is rare if you believe ebay) to have the Megazord with all horns, teeth (i.e. the chrome bits) still present. I have therefore been shouting at the boys every few minutes to ensure these things do not become lost.

The boys learnt the word 'expensive' at a very early age. I've probably mentioned that before.

I could list what's good about each of the individual zords, but instead I'll list the flaws as I'm much better at finding faults with things.

Mastodon - gets to lose its head in Megazord-mode. Sure, it sort of becomes some kind of weapon/shield thing, but really it's just useless.

Pterodactyl - well, it's not really pink, is it? It has a couple of small pink stickers on it, but mostly it's red & grey. It isn't really necessary to form the Megazord at all really, since it just clips on the front.

Triceratops - is there a reason it doesn't get legs? Sabre-tooth gets legs, why not triceratops?

Tyrannosaurus - it would have been nice to have an elbow joint. It looks like there's one there, but there really isn't.

Sabre-tooth tiger - hmm, don't actually have any complaints about this one. Um... Ah! Articulated jaw. Yes, that would actually make it better.

Above is a comparison of the swords for the Morphin (bottom) and the Samurai (top). Now keep that bottom image in your head and look at the next photo of the box...

Tiny bit of a difference, huh? It seems Bandai didn't want small children skewering their eyes out with the Shiny Sword of Doom and rounded it in the final product as to be as completely blunt as possible. Really, the only way it could be less pointy would be to not include it at all.

The new series, Power Rangers Samurai, is currently on Nickelodeon from Saturdays to Wednesdays at 3pm, with repeats at 4pm.

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