Thursday, 24 November 2011

Toyologist Review: Lightning McQueen Feature Plush

£24.99 from Toys R Us.

Lightning McQueen Feature Plush Review Crossword!

7. The manufacturer of this toy.
10. Noises are activated when you place a ____ key on Lightning McQueen.
11. The length of the car in cm (6,4).
14. Lightning is recommended for ages ___ and up.
15. One of the directors of Cars 2 (4, 8).
16. Lightning has a 'walking' action, which it does very, very ___
17. Lightning McQueen's catchphrase in the film and said by the toy!

1. The sound is extremely ___
2. Batteries are ___ !
3. The number of AA batteries Lightning takes.
4. Lightning has problems walking on this.
5. One of the production companies that made Cars 2.
6. Lightning's nickname in the films.
8. The other director of Cars 2 (4,5).
9. The voice of Lightning in the film, and probably the toy, but it's a bit hard to tell for sure (4,6).
12. The fictional make of tyres Lightning uses.
13. The other production company that made Cars 2.
15. The month Cars 2 was released in cinemas in the UK.

This is basically an 'okay' toy. It's not terrible, but it's not fantastic either. I was a bit generous referring to a 'walking' action above. It's more of an 'amble' or 'hobble'. I think the Powers That Be would have been better either including a proper mechanism for movement, or scrapping it altogether and making it a fully soft toy instead of a soft toy with heavy, hard lumpy bits (it would also reduce the price). The shuffling along action isn't going to impress anyone.

The movement mechanism

And the noise! Sorry, I mean NOISE! I know it's at this volume so that when you press the 'try me' button in a shop, everyone will turn round and come have a nosey at what it is you're playing with, but at home this is extremely annoying. I'm not exaggerating that small children will be scared by this car yelling at them.

But it is still Lightning McQueen and if your children love the films then they're certainly not going to hate this.

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