Friday, 4 November 2011

Toyologist Review: Handz-On Creativity Table

Available in store at Toys R Us.

Before Mister Maker there was Neil Bucannon. Before Neil there was Tony Hart. My old art teacher once said that she didn't agree with some of the things Tony put in his shows, but she did think he was one of the greatest ambassadors for art in the country. In his time Tony Hart must have encouraged thousands and thousands of kids to pick up a pencil and draw something, so I guess my teacher was right (for once).

It was a tragedy that two strokes left him with the inability to draw. In a weird way, I was kind of happy when he died, as he no longer had to suffer being deprived of his greatest love.

Which is all a little depressing, so we'll move swiftly on to the table review.

This is a great little table, best suited for those people a couple of years above and below starting school age. As noted by other Toyologists, there is a giant picture of an art set on the box which isn't actually included. I don't know if the set sold in the shop has had its packaging amended or not, but it's something to be aware of. The lift-off sections for cleaning are a nice touch and the rest of the table can easily be wiped clean.

It's worth noting that the tabletop is set at an angle so it's definitely an art table and not an anything else table. You couldn't, for example, use it for Lego as all the bits would quickly find themselves on the floor.

It's sturdy but, thankfully for our small house, very lightweight and can be easily lifted and moved to wherever it's needed. I think it'd be quite good for putting outside during the summer.

Our small house is actually the major problem. We simply don't have the space for it. That, and the fact there would be constant fights between our boys to use it mean it will shortly going to live at a friend's house where there is only one child and thus no fighting.

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