Monday, 6 February 2012

Review: The Trash Pack

Slowly coming into stock in most toy shops.

I came across these thanks to a review by Pixel Dan. Immediately I posted on the Toys R Us Facebook page demanding to know when they'd be released here in the UK. Shortly after it was announced in the 'toy press' that the release of the Trash Pack was being moved forward due to popular demand. Now I don't want to take all the credit for this rushed release, but I'm happy to if no one else steps forward.

In Toys R Us at the weekend I finally came across a pretty empty display of the Trash Pack. I honestly didn't expect them to be as popular as the display would make it appear. I mean, they're obviously cool, but I didn't expect near-empty shelves. Out of interest I had a search on ebay, where it turns out some people are charging crazy prices for the things.

I picked up a pack of 5 figures. One is shown in the packet, while the others are hidden away in the bins each one comes with. There's about 170 different figures to collect and although some are simple colour variants there are still a hell of a lot of different sculpts to collect (there's a poster with them all on here). There are a bunch of different rarities for the toys, and while at times it's annoying to end up with loads of the same this isn't the case with the Trash Pack.

The figures are about 1.5 to 2 cm tall and made of a squishy rubbery material. These look great, but it's the addition of the bins that really make them special. I don't know why a small green container makes all the difference, but it does - both to me, the boys & a small baby who always seems to have one in her hand. An empty bin, of course, with the Trash Pack figure in her mouth - which really isn't recommended. Putting aside the 'being swallowed' issues, the paint starts to peel off the figure after a few moments being chewed.

At £5 per 5 pack the cost for these is quickly going to spiral as you start to buy them and I very much doubt a non-millionaire will ever collect the entire set. I think most kids will end up settling for one of each sculpt, rather than chase down all the colour variants.

There are a couple of accessories available. The bin lorry looks fun, the dumpster could go either way, but the large tin bin... Well, let's say you don't get a lot for your money with that. Good for storage, I suppose, but the main reason for buying would be the 2 exclusive Trash Pack that come with it. Same goes for the plastic storage case I spotted in The Entertainer the other day. Incredibly cheap and nasty.

In the USA Trash Pack are Toys R Us exclusives. Thankfully in the UK they're available pretty much everywhere!

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