Thursday, 5 January 2012

Review: Kre-O Optimus Prime (the little one)

£8.99 from Toys R Us

There is a tradition in my house at Christmas. Well, there was a tradition in my house. It's not something that's actually been carried out for quite a while, ever since my parents refused to stop purchasing it for me, but this year it's back.

Yes, Christmas afternoon both me and my 5 year old were sat round the dining table putting together our lego. Well, Kre-O, aka 'Transformers Lego'.

A couple of months ago due to a combination of offers, I managed to get a large pile of Kre-O (i.e. all of it) for not very much. Thankfully I managed to resist the temptation to not put all of it together before Christmas day so there were a couple of things left to wrap up. 

5yo got the little Optimus Prime set, which was absolutely perfect for him. It was just the right size for him to sit and put together without getting bored (as has happened in the past).

Apart from some assistance making sure the stickers were placed correctly (i.e. level) he made the entire thing all by himself and was very proud at the end.

So proud, in fact, that the next day he took it all apart to make the robot. Yes, with Kre-O the Transformer doesn't transform in the regular manner. You have to take it to bits and then rebuild from scratch. Annoying, if you want a transforming robot, but great if you want twice as many models to build for your money.

Vehicle mode looks really good and while robot mode isn't quite up to the same standard, it's good enough to serve it's purpose. You can tell who it is and you can pose it nicely. The only disappointment for 5yo was that the set didn't come with any Kreons. This wasn't too much of an issue, however, as 5yo simply nicked the kreons from my set.


Overall this is a great little set and well worth the RRP. If you can get it for less than the RRP then it quickly becomes a bargain. Go forth and purchase!

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