Friday, 26 November 2010

Review: Soundwave & Blaster

Transformers.  Reissue Blaster £60 from Kapow Toys. Reissue Soundwave £55 from Toyz and Gamez. Original 80s Soundwave and Blaster...well, it's going to be ebay for those.

Soundwave & Blaster
Some people have been asking (well, actually they haven't asked directly, but there's a distinct possibility it's going through the minds of someone out there) whether the toys I review are actually played with by my children. 'Are they really interested in that 80s rubbish?'

The simple answer is 'yes'. The more complicated answer is also 'yes', but involves photos and a video.

Cassette player modes (Children, ask your parents. They'll also explain about 'VHS' and maybe even 'betamax' too)

Soundwave ('the naughty man') and Blaster ('the good man') are some of my children's favourite Transformers ever made. This is despite - take note Hasbro - them turning into archaic pieces of electronic equipment. This is one of those occasions where my children do not care what they transform into, because these two guys have a gimmick that goes far beyond a simple 'robot turning into something else'.  These guys have Transformers inside them. And even better, the 'inside' Transformers transform too.

This evening my son wanted to take a toy to bed with him. I said fine, but one toy.  After some negotiation (delaying bedtime by a good ten minutes), we agreed on two toys. Of course he decided to take Soundwave and Blaster, which (since they have robots inside them) meant he got to take four toys to bed.

Clever lad.

Both robots look like cassette players and make pretty good looking robots too (though Soundwave is far better in that regard). The transformation is pretty simple and quick, but there is an issue with ripping off Blaster's handle whenever he's transformed (it clips back on easy enough, but this doesn't stop Dad telling Son to be more careful whenever he does it).
Ravage, Laserbeak, and err... Lionbot! (*probably isn't called 'Lionbot')

Blaster and Soundwave have their own teams of little Transformers which fit inside their chests. They all turn from cassettes - obviously - into a range of animals and men. I only have a few, and I'm hoping my son never finds out there are lots more in fear of a large ebay bill.

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