Sunday, 21 November 2010

What's it all about?

My (admittedly limited) search of the internet has led me to discover two things about toy review sites:

1. Men write reviews about toys they collect.
2. Women write reviews about toys their kids play with.

It seems to be that there aren't any (or at the very least, not many) toy review sites/blogs written by dads about their children's toys.  I thought about addressing that balance, but then I decided I'd go one step further and just review everything toy-related instead.

The reviews will cover two general areas:

1. How much fun the toy is to play with if you're a child.
2. How much fun the toy is to play with if you're a dad (or mum, but my wife doesn't really play with toys much so I won't be asking for her opinion on things very often).

I'll be covering old toys, new toys, old toys that I've newly freed from the box - everything. Some will be easily available in the shops (and I'll try to mention a couple of places where), others you might have to resort to ebay to get hold of.

A lot of the time the toy choice will probably be made by whatever the boys have been playing with that day and subsequently left lying in the middle of the floor when they went to bed.

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