Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Review: Transformers Leader Starscream

RRP £40, currently £25 from The Entertainer

Let me put my prejudices on the table before we begin. I loathe Bayformers - the name given to the Transformers from the Michael Bay films. Bayformers take everything I love about Transformers and stomp all over it. I think the films are stupid and nonsensical.  I think the robot designs are messy and ugly. The toys are overly complicated to transform.


I love leader Starscream.

I think I'm allowed to say that and maintain my anti-Bayformers stance because, despite this being based on the character as seen in Revenge of the Fallen, he's been released in plain 'Transformers' packaging.

Yes, I'm definitely allowed to hate Bayformers and like Starscream. I've decided so and thus it must be true.

As expected for Starscream, he turns from robot to jet (F-22 Raptor if you want to get technical). Both modes look great. Transforming from one to the other isn't easy, but it's easier than a lot of others I've come across labelled 'Advanced'. However you look at it, it's certainly not one for young children to do on their own.

The big problem with aeroplane Transformers generally is always where to stick all the robot gubbins when it's in vehicle mode. Unlike cars and trucks there isn't really anywhere big enough to hide it. It's not fantastic on Starscream, but it's not too bad either. It's probably the best humanly possible outside of the pricey Masterpiece collector's line.

(Though saying that, a slight repaint of this toy was released in Japan as a 'Masterpiece' figure)

The robot can be stood in almost any pose you can imagine. It's very sturdy (thanks to its big feet), solidly built and looks impressive on display.

It has the obligatory lights and sounds - its head lights up red and says two phrases (was hoping for a couple more than two, but I'll live with it) and there is an engine noise.

£40 is pricey, but not too bad for what you get. At £25 its a complete steal.

There is one flaw, however.

It's a big one, but it has nothing to do with the toy itself.

There is a BIG problem with the instructions. Left out of them is a key stage required to turn the plane into a robot. I almost broke mine trying to transform it and only found out about the issue when I looked online.

As shown above, the flap must be lifted before you can drop the cockpit section forward. Once you do that, it drops easily, but otherwise there are nasty cracking noises. I know there are nasty cracking noises because this is the exact sound I heard when I tried to transform it without raising the flap.

So keeping this in mind the first time you change from plane to robot, you should now go out and enjoy the awesomeness that is Leader Starscream. You won't regret it.

And if anyone queries it, make sure you point out the lack of 'Revenge of the Fallen' labelling on the box.

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