Thursday, 2 June 2011

Battlestar Galactica: Cylons

Various prices from Ebay & possibly a few still kicking about in comic shops.

Cylon war.

When 'reimagined' Battlestar Galactica was on the air and getting rave reviews from everyone, Diamond Select started to release figures based on the show.

The line wasn't an overwhelming success. Sales weren't stellar and those people who did collect them were annoyed when it ended before key figures from the TV series hadn't been released but a bunch of minor pilot characters had. I was annoyed that key characters like Admiral Adama were only released in TRU in the US.

But I'm not going to dwell on that in this post. This is post is about the best thing about the line.

The cylons.

The newer models

These were AWESOME. Knowing that everyone who bought one would want lots more, Diamond Select released endless variants - so many variants that I have no idea what they all are (though everything is listed here) and I certainly can't tell the difference between most of them.

But that doesn't matter.

As I mentioned, these are AWESOME.

They break really, really easily.  As you can see in the photos, almost all of mine have snapped off arms and legs. This is annoying, but don't forget -


(Just in case it isn't obvious I will clearly state now that these won't last 5 minutes in the hands of careful adults, never mind children. Really, do not give these to children to play with!)

Classic model

To make things even better, classic series-looking cylons (explained as older models) then started appearing in the show and toy-versions quickly followed. Thankfully these were slightly less fragile than the 'new' models, arms & legs tend to stay attached, but some of the limbs are really quite loose.

But despite this,


If you know me, then you're probably suspecting there's some sarcasm creeping in here. Let me assure you: there's not. These things are flawed - they're horrible to pose and bits snap off all the time. They're a bit like real people in that regard. Possibly.

But despite all their drawbacks, I love them dearly. They're awesome!

The big difference between the old Battlestar show and the new one was the introduction of 'skin-jobs' who look and feel human. There are 12 of these types of cylon in the show. Diamond Select released only 5.


Despite cries from collectors, Diamond Select never finished off the 12 which makes those I've got look incomplete. While no where near as awesome as the robot models, I'm sad that their the 'leaders' won't be completed. I'm actually more sad about the lack of these other cylons than the lack of Baltar or Roslin.

There are many copies
We did get a whole bunch of variants of skin-job number 6. Most of which refused to stand up.

Since the Battlestar spin-off, Caprica, failed, I can only hope that Blood and Chrome is a huge success and Diamond Select release the missing cylons. And more of the 'robot'-looking ones. For as I may have mentioned,


So say we all.

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