Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Review: Masterpiece Optimus Prime comparison, part 2

Following on from this.

The transformation from robot to vehicle is vaguely the same for both MP01 & MP10. But then the same could be said of all Primes. It's a bit nicer to do, a bit of polish after nearly a decade's more experience.

The cab for MP10 is more seamless, although there are more seams. As you can see from the photo, in order to achieve the improved robot-shape the cab breaks into more pieces than MP01. MP10 comes with little fold-out wing-mirrors which adds more to it then you'd initially think.

Quite why MP01 ever had that nasty 'hole' at the shoulder joint, I'll never know - there was absolutely no need for it. Thankfully it's now gone and this is, for me, the major improvement with MP10. 

I don't think I've liked this section on any Prime. It's always just looked like Prime's legs folded up. The trailer connection is a little different between them. MP01 has a hole, which is pretty much what you'd expect. MP10 has two slots instead, which the trailer inserts securely into.

I haven't included photos of the trailer since, owning the first release of MP01, I don't have the trailer for it. Possibly needless to say, MP10 comes with one.

His yellow & grey 'waist' is still clearly visible on both. Again, I don't really like the look of it as it looks too much like Prime's waist. MP10's gun can still be stored in his back in lorry-mode, despite it sticking out slightly due to a notch in his waist section.

As well as a trailer, MP10 comes with a little Spike figure. Neither model has a particularly good cab-interior, but you can see how he sits. Spike can't sit in MP01 as his legs stick out too far.

And that's about it really. Both are really good Transformers, with MP10 being slightly better-looking overall. Is it worth the upgrade? I'm not sure - MP10 is very expensive. He is pretty, but is he really that pretty?

You definitely shouldn't leave these things lying about...

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