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Review: MOTUC Bikini Teela

$19.99 from, though currently unavailable.

Once upon a time in the Masters of the Universe…um…universe, there was no such person as Prince Adam. There was no such person as Stinkor, or even Shadow Weaver.  When the world of He-Man began, there were a lot less things generally.

This included clothing.

In the days before the infamous Filmation cartoon, things were very different. It’s debatable if He-Man would ever have hit the big time without the changes to the toy line resulting from the cartoon, but there are a number of people who preferred it the old way. The way things were in the first issue of the DC comic.

Maybe this had something to do with the fact that once upon a time Teela didn’t like wearing many clothes...

Back then she looked a lot less like this:

And a lot more like this:

With the Masters of the Universe Classics line, Mattel have been releasing figures from all eras of He-Man – New Adventures, She-Ra, prototype designs, ‘style guide’ (aka 'stuff that looks a lot like the Filmation designs but we don't have the rights to do Filmation designs, so it isn't. Honest'), etc – so it wasn’t a complete surprise when the much-requested ‘Battleground’ (aka bikini) Teela was announced.

I suspect not very many people would recognise the figure as Teela, the only person who was even slightly suspicious that He-Man & Adam were never in the same place at the same time. Even the bio on the back of the packaging doesn’t explain why Teela has bleached her hair and decided to show off a bit more flesh than people might expect.

Bikini Teela is the first female in the MOTUC line to have the ability to turn properly at the waist.  All the other ladies have been limited due to one-piece outfits covering the join between torso and lower regions. Her furry pants are also very unrestrictive and she can move her legs in any way desired.

I received Teela in the post at the same time as the Faceless One. You may predict that my 2 year old son would opt to play with that figure, but no, he’s spent the entire day walking round with the scantily-clad female.

Oh if only we all got to spend the day walking round with scantily-clad females...

Teela has been doing Manly Things, however. No, not drinking beer, belching and watching the football, but driving CAT vehicles and being run over by oil tankers…

Teela even had a fight with Winston

I’m not sure what his fascination is with bikini Teela. One would hope he is a little too young to desire the figure for the reason 30-something men do (nostalgia, obviously). In all honesty, as long as it continues to keep him quiet, I don’t really care too much for his reasons.

And for those wondering, yes, it is apparently possible to remove Teela’s bra, but it's not something I’ve tried myself.

In today's review we learned that just because something is old, doesn't mean it's bad. Even though Teela decided to change the way she looked, it didn't mean that her old style wasn't good any more. Grandma and Granddad are old, but they shouldn't automatically be packed off to a retirement home, never to be seen again. Of course sometimes Grandma might call Granddad 'useless', but that's because he won't get on the roof and fix the guttering like he promised. And sure, a lot of the time all old people want to do is sit and drink tea or finish the crossword, and that may seem boring, but they can still be fun to play with sometimes too.

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