Friday, 17 November 2000

Toyologist Review: Playmobil Agents Car 17


With a gentle brush of your hand on the switches located on the sides of the car, you fire your missiles. They are sent crashing into the target.

For a moment there is only silence and then…

The baby looks down at the missiles that have hit her leg. She seems a little surprised. She picks up the missiles and pops them into her mouth, the rubbery tips sticking out from between her lips. She completely ignores you as she begins to chew on these! You are free to flee!

The missiles are too large for the baby to swallow – in fact there are very few small pieces at all on the car, just your handgun and the chain linking you to the briefcase – but Baby’s mummy doesn’t care.

You shot her daughter and she’s mighty angry about it!

You abandon your car as the giant mummy makes a grab for it, placing it and the missiles on a high shelf and muttering something about ‘confiscated’.

With your equipment lost you have no choice but to head back to headquaters to report your failure to MUM.

The End.

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