Friday, 17 November 2000

Toyologist Review: Playmobil Agents Car 10


You press the accelerator and speed forward, but now shots are raining down on you and the car. It’s only due to your extensive driving training that you’re able to dodge most of them.

Disaster! The car hits a bump in the road and rolls onto its back.  You crawl out, but another shot is fired, this one zipping close to your ear.  Using the car as cover as best you can, you peer out.  Ahead is a large army of enemy robots defending the base. There seems to be no way past them.

Another shot whizzes past your head and you duck down. That one came from behind. Checking your handgun you discover you have only one bullet remaining. Enough to take out the lone attacker behind, perhaps, but definitely not enough for all the robots before you.


There’s always the briefcase you’ve been carrying around all this time.  Perhaps you could use that somehow? It sounds like an insane plan, but maybe…

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