Friday, 17 November 2000

Toyologist Review: Playmobil Agents Car 14


You begin to swing your briefcase round and round by the chain. You always wondered what it was for – its not like it opens so you can put anything in it – and now you know: it’s your last line of defence.

If you have a problem, if no one else can help: rely on your briefcase!

You smash through the line of robots. The robots are confused– they weren’t designed to battle briefcases and lack the necessary programming to defend themselves from them – so stand on the spot, awaiting instruction from their masters.

The laboratory is ahead of you. The enemy base is completely defenceless, the Robo Gangsters having relied completely on the robots for defence.

The power core isn’t hard to find, neither is the big red button with ‘do not press’ written on it in large letters. A second later a countdown has begun, which leads to explosive results…

Meanwhile you are on your way back to headquarters, mission complete. Once there you’ll receive your next assignment. Work never ends when you’re a Top Agent!

The End.

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