Friday, 17 November 2000

Toyologist Review: Playmobil Agents Car 7


A wise choice. The Agent car has many features which will be useful on the mission. MUM has also supplied you with the standard issue handgun and a briefcase full of stuff so secret it has to be attached to your wrist by a chain. The contents are so secret that the briefcase cannot actually be opened.

However, due to prolonged industrial action by the engineering department regarding the chocolate biscuits in the staff cafeteria, the car has yet to be assembled.  As tempting as it is to use this as an excuse to take the day off, your dedication to duty means you decide to take on the job yourself.

Looking at the numerous pieces, you are suddenly a little nervous. Can you do this all by yourself and prove your independence? Or would it be better to ask technician codename D.A.D. for help?

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