Friday, 17 November 2000

Toyologist Review: Playmobil Agents Car 24


The Stoney Wastelands! You drive slowly, taking in all the details. The car glides smoothly across the terrain with its rubber tyres.

You gently bring the car to a halt.  Is that it?  Is that the laboratory, hidden away back there?

It would be easier to avoid detection if you left the car behind and got a closer look on foot.  You climb out of the car, in doing so brushing past the missile-launch switch on the side of the car.  You curse whoever put the switch in such an easy to accidentally-press place!

The missiles streak forward and explode! If the Robo Gangsters are here, then they certainly know you’re coming now.

There’s a noise behind you. Then one forward. You’re surrounded! You jump back into the car. There are no missiles left to fire – your only hope is to ram your way to freedom. But forward or back?

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