Sunday, 2 April 2017

Construction: Han Solo in Carbonite, part 7

A few additions over the past few days. Firstly, the hands were stuck on. I wasn't entirely sure what the best glue to use was, but I went with Poundland PVA and it seems to have worked fine. Should I have added pins for added security? Probably, but I also ran the risk of shattering the hands. Plus, you know, impatience.

Once fairly sure the glue was dryish, I added a lot of trusty old Poundland Filler behind the fingers. Not only does it make the build more accurate, but also adds strength to the fingers (lessening the risk of snapping) and, with luck, secures the hand to the board a bit more. Maybe.

You may notice that they've changed colour. This is due only to wanting to see, again, how well the various parts blend together and this is a lot easier when everything is the same colour.

Not being entirely happy with the shoulders and neck, I've done a little remodeling here. It looks better, though not perfect.

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