Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Construction: AT-AT, part 3

Added the bottom guns today. I've had to deviate from my papercraft plans somewhat for this, since they aren't particularly '3D' in that model. There was a fair amount of guess work and plumping with whatever sized cardboard tubes I had available, rather than what was 'correct'.

I'm working on this build as being 'toy accurate'. This is a term I've completely made up, so I shall endeavour to explain. You know how toys look more-or-less like the thing from the TV show/film the toy originated from? It's definitely recognisable, but there are a bunch of things that aren't quite right, due to it being, well, a toy.

Due to my iffy method of upscaling and fudging to make things fit, this thing is never going to be 100% accurate to that seen in Empire Strikes Back. It will, however, be recognisably an AT-AT and about as accurate as the toy versions that have been released over the years. In fact, the AT-AT is approximately in scale with Hasbro's 6" Black figures, which means that if I'd actually bought the Luke in X-Wing outfit I saw in Forbidden Planet many moons ago, instead of going 'Ooo, that's a bit expensive' and put it back on the shelf, I could have had a little Jedi dangling from the final build.

But I didn't. So I can't.

I also had a thought of making an interior for the vehicle, so I could sit some of the upcomingandthereforepossibletogetforlessthanamillionpounds AT-AT drivers inside. But then I realised that things were complicated enough already. Maybe this'll get added at some far-flung future date.

I'm finding it quite tricky to take photos that show off the head at its best. Held aloft it looks great, but I am lacking a model to do the holding while I take photos.

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