Thursday, 6 April 2017

Construction: AT-AT, part 4

Today I've moved onto the smaller 'head' guns, piecing them together from whatever sized cardboard tubes I had available. I was quite happy with my progress until... Well, I'll get to that in a moment.

After the guns were made there was the problem of how to attach them. Essentially this was where any hope of making an interior for the AT-AT went out the window as I plumped for 'security of guns remaining attached' and threaded a big tube all the way through the centre of the head.

I like square things. Square things are easy to make out of card, wood...pretty much any material. Round things, however... I hate curves with a fiery vengeance. And AT-ATs have two giant dome things either side of the head.  My papercraft plans simply have these as flat discs, but that wouldn't look too good scaled up. I looked round various shops, hoping to find objects of the right size that I could simply stick on, but eventually gave up.

Instead got a load of polystyrene discs, leftover from months of Pizza Tuesdays, cut them in increasing smaller size, and stuck them together. I'll eventually smooth these over with filler. Not perfect, but I think I'll get away with it.

Finally came sticking the guns onto the head-pole. They looked great! And yet also...

Yeah, they're about double the size they should be. At some point I'll try and redo them, but hey! this is for kids and kids are stupid and won't notice...right?

Things are going to pause here for a couple of weeks. In part because, with the head more or less done, I need to think properly before commencing on the body (I've 80% got it sussed), and, in addition, because the kids are off school for a fortnight and they'll get in the way 'helping'.

Finally, things have to stop because I've managed to break both my glue guns. One I broke the trigger of by trying to force still-cold glue through, the second simply went 'bang' when I plugged it in. This is generally not good.

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