Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Review: Trash Pack Trash Cans

I can't say enough good things about the Trash Pack. They're small, squishy, slightly disgusting and lots of fun. Plus - very useful with collectable toys - it really doesn't matter if you get duplicates.

One of the other great things about Trash Pack is that all the packs come with little trash cans (or 'rubbish bins', though since they're 'Trash' Pack I'll stick with 'can'). There are three sizes, and (currently) four colours - green for series 1, orange for 2, blue for 3, and red for the Ultimate Fighting Trashies (plus a modified red design for series 4). It's nice being able to keep what is essentially the packaging and is a reminder of MUSCLE toys from back in the 80s.

It doesn't take purchase of many packs of figures, however, before you end up with billions of the things. You then fall into one of two camps:

1. The 'Where the hell am I going to store all these?' camp.

2. The 'Let's start building!' camp.

Camp (1) will probably include a lot of parents who will likely spend a lot of their time falling over the things. I'm sure members of Camp (1) will also be sneakily trying to dispose of the trash cans in the nearest (real) rubbish bin whenever they think people aren't watching. All perfectly understandable, because, as I've mentioned, collectors will end up with billions.

Camp (2) is a bit more imaginative and start building, most likely. The first construction is the classic 'tower'. How high can you build a trash can tower before it falls over? In which colour can I build the highest tower? (aka 'which series do I have the most cans for?') Who can build a tower x high the fastest? And so on...

And then there's the scenery. Building of houses, rubbish dumps, roads, walls, general things for lorries to plough though - the possibilities are endless.

Of course there is a third camp. One I fear to bring up in case it inadvertently attracts new members. Yes, it's the 'throwing' group. Those among who see piles of (relatively) lightweight objects and decide to start hurling them about the room.

I was having an internal debate as to what colour the series 4 trash cans were going to be. I'm sure Moose Toys somehow figured this out and went out of their way to ensure that whatever colour I chose I'd be wrong. For series 4 the trash cans are gone and have been replaced with a new wheely bin design. I don't know whether this was the intent, but the new bins are easier to stack vertically, although pyramids are now a little trickier.

Go forth, see what use you can come up with for these things!

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