Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review: Marvel Legends Iron Monger (Iron Man 3 BAF)

Once upon a time Marvel Legends toys could be found in every toy shop in the land. Then Toybiz went out of buisness, Hasbro took over and... Well, it's been a bit hard to find Marvel Legends toys ever since. At least in this land, the UK. Hasbro UK, Toys R Us, Smyths - someone decided that the UK deserved a second chance and thus, hopeful that the film release would boost sales, decided to release the Iron Man 3 Legends series.

The first 3 figures were released earlier in the year. Ranging from £15 to £20 a piece, these were annoyingly expensive, though the price wasn't entirely unexpected. At least, in addition to the figure, Hasbro added in a (reasonably) large Build A Figure piece of Iron Monger. Of course a film version of Iron Monger was released to coincide with the first Iron Man film, but this time we've got a figure based on the comic version.

Unfortunately, with only 3 figures released, Iron Monger was looking a little sad. Or he would have done if his head had been one of the pieces, which it wasn't. Until now!

The final three figures have now been released and thus Iron Monger can be completed. And he's good, really good. In fact it's almost worth buying the 6 individual figures just for the BAF pieces.

Iron Monger comes moulded in a beautiful metallic blue/black plastic, which captures the colouring from the comic beautifully. Paint applications are at a minimum, but really not needed because of the lovely plastic colour.

Big and bulky, Iron Monger looks like he'd be able to give Iron Man a hard time. You can get some really nice Getting Ready To Punch Something Really Hard poses out of him, as articulation is as extensive as you'd expect from a Marvel Legends figure. His big feet mean that getting him balanced is really easy. His arms aren't quite as tight as I'd have liked.

The only thing that makes me sad about Iron Monger is that figures such as this used to come as a 'normal' carded figure. Long gone are the days when something as large as this would come for £6 :'(

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