Friday, 16 August 2013

Review: Predator SDCC 2013 Exclusive Albino

Each year a load of merchandise is produced exclusively for San Diego Comic Con. Quite a lot of it is desired not only by those attending the con, but also those, for one reason or another, can't make it. Some companies make it easy for those who can't attend to get hold of their exclusives. Some make it impossible (cough Hasbro cough). Up until now I thought MattyCollector was the easiest for international fans. They put their exclusives on sale at a set date and time and ship abroad.

Seems I was wrong.

Up steps NECA who put their exclusive figures on sale on, where it was actually easier to get hold of them than it was for Americans. It's never been so great to be European.

The Albino is a Predator seen in the fan film Dead End, a Batman Vs Jokes Vs Alien Vs Predator film so famous that even I've watched it. The film is set at night in the rain, so it's difficult to see quite how accurate the toy is to the film version, but I'm willing to bet NECA's done a good job translating the character.

The Albino is a repaint and thus there's nothing really to comment on, sculpt or articulation-wise that's any different to many other Predator figures NECA had made. He has the same weak hip joints as the Water Emergence Predator. Paint-wise, the Albino is cream with orange and black markings, meaning he's sure to stand out against all the other Predators on your shelf. He has copper-coloured armour with a black wash, but that's it on painted details for the armour. He retains the (delicate) retractable claws of all the other Predators, which I would recommend taking care over so they don't snap.

There are no accessories included with the Albino, which is a disappointment, especially considering the price. Since there are no accessories and new sculpting, it does hurt to be paying an exclusive-level price for him. He is really just a simple repaint.

Still, he looks good and the prefect choice for a convention exclusive - a figure who likely isn't popular enough for a wide release and most people likely won't mind if they miss.

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