Friday, 23 August 2013

Review: Predator skull pack

Over the past few years NECA have been releasing figures from the various Predator films. I'm sure you know about this, after all there have been reviews. Recently they released a trophy wall, like the one seen in Predator 2. This came minus the trophies as the idea was to use all the skulls that had come with the various 2 packs that NECA had released.

Brilliant, eh?

Assuming you had all the two packs.

A lot of people don't, which made the trophy wall a little on the annoying, not to mention empty, side.

NECA heard the cries echoing across cyberspace. And they responded. With this - 

Yep, NECA decided to rerelease all the various skulls in one pack. Sometimes bitching about stuff on the internet gets you somewhere.

The packaging is simply a plastic tray inside a white mailer box. Hardly pretty, but then no one buying this set intends to keep the trophies in the box. No, all these are heading straight for the wall!

The skulls are all beautifully sculpted and nicely painted in various shades of bone colour (except the one dripping in blood. That's nicely painted in red). What's exceptionally great about some is that the jaws are hinged. Sadly one side of one of the jaws on mine isn't plugged into it's hole in the skull, so the jaw hangs off awkwardly. It won't push in by hand, so I'm hoping that warming it slightly and softening the plastic will help. Fingers crossed.

While the Predators' hands aren't perfectly sculpted for holding the items, you can get them to hold them and you can achieve some great skull-ripped out poses.

Having looked at the photos, I bet you're wondering where all the shots of the trophies on the wall are. Well... I put my hand up and admit I haven't got it yet. Just as soon as the nice, but rather slow, man running an online store gets around to giving me the refund for the items he's never going to get in stock, the money will be diverted to pay for the trophy wall.

In the meantime I'll be figuring out where on Earth I'm going to put a trophy wall...

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