Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Construction: AT-AT, part 9

With the basics of the legs done, today was Foot Day. Annoyingly, the feet are round. I hate making round things. Round does not come easily to cardboard or wood, so I was thinking of using something pre-made.

Something like buckets.

After spending a long time wandering round Poundland and Homebase I bought these:

My thinking is: make hole in bucket, slide onto leg. I know that there's a second, larger, bucket-shape on the lower portion of the foot but I couldn't find anything in a) large enough quantity and b) cheap enough to make this part. I'll worry about that tomorrow.

My family has a history with cutting holes in buckets. Once upon a time, my dad decided to cut the bottom off some buckets with a large knife to use as planters. Once thing led to another and soon my dad was on his way to hospital with blood pouring from his leg.

Thankfully, my bucket experience was a little less exciting and soon I had these:

And thus:

Which is how it'll stay until I figure out the next bit.

A slight worry is that, after having had stacks of the stuff for months, I'm now starting to run out of cardboard and wood. I've got plenty of little bits for adding detail, but not enough, for example, for constructing the rest of the feet. There's not really much I can do about it either, other than constant trips to Homebase/supermarkets and hoping they get some decent bits in that I can have.

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