Thursday, 18 May 2017

Construction: AT-AT, part 15

We've reached the point where all the main areas of the AT-AT have been completed and the big question arises: how much detail do I add before I start painting? Once the painting begins there's really no going back; not with the time limit as it is.

Since the con is still a while off, and there's a reasonable chance of good weather before that, today I began some detailing. First off, essential panels to the front and rear of the main body. These attach with velcro and simply 'stick' onto the laminate beneath.

Also, some windows and doors are added on.

And a bit more velcro to hold the triangular flappy bits between the centre and front/rear ends in place.

You may notice the big chunk of tape holding the triangle on on one side. This may have to be replaced as it isn't sticking too well.

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