Thursday, 4 May 2017

Construction: AT-AT, part 10

I was in Asda this morning and came across a big pile of buckets. This are probably exactly the same buckets as they have in Homebase, however since they were reduced from £1.50 to £1, whereas the Homebase ones' standard price is £1, I convinced myself they were somehow better.

And bought 4.

Then I chopped them and added a cardboard ring.

Ta da!

I put my hand in the air and own up to messing up two of the cardboard rings. Somehow I didn't cut them large enough so, running out of cardboard, I just added a load of hot glue to fill in the gap.

Digging around in the shed, I found a plank of slightly-mouldy wood.  After a bit of a sanding and a chopping, I had a pile of toes.

...and absolutely no idea how to attach them. I cut a wedge out on a whim, as I knew it'd somehow need to go around the lip of the bucket.

Thankfully there was just enough space to run a screw through.

On the fourth side, there's the lip of the bucket. It'd be a bit of a pain trying to cut this and replace it with a toe so I'm just going to leave it as 3 toes per bucket and have the lip pointing into the centre.

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