Friday, 6 July 2012

What I want from SDCC 2012

While the weather continues its course on the terrible-side preventing me from taking half-decent pictures for reviews, I thought I'd quickly run through the offerings that will be available in a week's time at San Diego Comic Con.

Or at least those offerings which interest me.

Last summer there were a number of things which seemed exciting, however the list for 2012 is a lot more limited.

Ghostbusters Dana as Zuul

To be completely honest Dana is a bit of a rubbish figure. She's not even an action figure really, merely an unarticulated statue with a barely passable resemblance to Sigourney Weaver. But it was one of, if not the final Ghostbusters figures to be made by Mattel and an essential character from the films so I'll pick her up.

Masters of the Universe Classics Vykron

Like Dana, Vykron is a bit of a disappointing figure - more so after seeing video reviews of him. Character-wise he was quite a good choice as a 30th anniversary year figure but poorly executed.

Marvel Legends Uncanny X-Force

Marvel Legends is back! Kind of. Well, it is back but there have been constant issues getting hold of the figures in the UK unless you have £gazillion available. But that's another rant. For SDCC Hasbro are releasing this 3 pack of figures from the currently running Uncanny X-Force comic (though how much longer that comic is running is currently in question) and these will go very nicely with the Fantomex figure that they've already released (you know, assuming you've managed to get hold of one).

Hasbro SDCC items are always a nightmare to get hold of, despite them being on their website after the show. Near-immediate sell-outs and refusal to ship abroad being the main culprits for this. I'll be putting this on the 'would be nice' list and really don't expect to be able to get hold of it for less than the price of a kidney.

14" Glow in the Dark Mumm-Ra

I was online about to order the regular version of this when I found out about the SDCC version. Ordering halted immediately. While I'm really not convinced about the 14" Lion-O Mezo released, I think they've nailed Mumm-Ra perfectly and he will be mine. If I can get the glow in the dark & mummified SDCC version then I would be super dooper happy.

And that's it. The Mattel toys are easily purchasable from their website after the show and the other two... Well, who knows if I'll be able to get those. I suppose you'll find out if I've been successful if reviews appear here.

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