Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Collection: Transformers

A few days ago I saw a picture online of someone's 'extensive' Transformers collection. My first reaction was one of horror at the fact that they were all mint-in-box (which I leave for a later rant). After a closer look at what, initially, seemed to be a large pile of robots I was less convinced there was actually a lot of stuff there. Sure, there was Fort Max, the biggest & priciest Transformer of all, but it looked more than there was due to the boxed nature of everything.

99% of my toys are boxed, but a slightly different type of 'box' than the one in the photo I saw. All mine are loose and stored in giant tubs because there's no way I have (or will ever have, come to that) enough space to have it all out on display. Not that I want it all out on display as that makes it harder to play with.

This brings me to the subject of today's post: my Transformers collection. Or at least most of it. There is another box which is kept at my parent's house, because it's important to have an emergency supply of toys whenever you visit.

Anyway, on with the photo -

Optimus Primes
This box contains pretty much every version of Optimus Prime released up until the first Bayverse film, both transforming and not. I gave up Prime-collecting when Michael Bay's movie came out as then a ridiculous amount of Primes were released, in a huge amount of sizes and I simply gave up.

Binaltech/Alternators were Transformers which transformed into 'real' cars, licensed from 'real' car companies such as Honda, Ford etc. Alternators were the all-plastic Hasbro versions, whereas Binaltech were made primarily in metal by Takara in Japan and, in my opinion, were ten times better.

Classics (overflow)
I really need a bigger Classics box.

This contains all the characters which appeared on-screen in the original Bay film, plus bits and bobs from the later ones, plus random Animated and various other Transformers which won't fit anywhere else.

Complete set of the first wave. Kre-O has it's problems, but I like sitting & watching TV in the evening and putting together (not) Lego models. Fond memories of Christmas day as a child come flooding back.

The Boys's stuff
Some bought especially for them, others stolen from 'my' collection. There is a varied assortment from 30 years of Transformers in the children's boxes.

Honoured stuff
There is nothing especially special about these, but they have somehow managed to get shelf-space where all other Transformers failed.

Beast Wars
Every character that appeared in the show is in this box, minus the original Blackarachnia since they've never made a proper screen-accurate one. Maybe one day...

Stuff that needs sorting
Yes, that is a 100% complete Bludgeon just thrown in this box of random stuff. I'll get round to sorting it out eventually.

All the Classics/Universe/United/Henkei and associated robots are in here. Aside from random G1 I take a fancy to, this is really the only box that is added to.

Robot Heroes
Ah, the cute little non-transforming Transformers. I have all the 'old' characters and a handful of the movie ones.

These have been out, fiddled with and displayed, but are now back in their boxes as it's the safest way to store them.

The original (and the best?).

And there you have it! I think it's mostly Armada, Robots in Disguise & Animated bits at my parents. G1 Jetfire is probably there too (it's not here, anyway).

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