Tuesday, 17 May 2011

It's a magical place

Greetings programs!

Indeed I am. 'What's a toyolo... toylolly... What's one of those things?' I hear you ask. Well, the answer is very simple.

Toys R Us are going to send me the children some toys. I play The children play with them and then post here what we thought of them.

See? Told you it was simple.

I (kinda) did it before, back in December (which, having just looked back at that entry, I've discovered I explained all about toyology there too. I guess it never hurts to have a reminder). In December, however, we were only runners-up. That meant 1 box of toys. This time there are LOTS! (well, six).

After submitting my CPS review(/application) to TRU, I was one of those whittled down to the last 20-something. As a reward, I got to spend hours filling in a questionnaire! Lucky me! Fortunately for me it was worth it as I got to the Final Ten and thus a 'winner'.

(I feel really sorry for those who spent their time filling in the torturous questionnaire and didn't win. That's just horrible.)

This is all quite exciting, but not quite as exciting as finding out that TRU UK are getting the Scanning Transformers!

Scanning Transformers are cool.

(In vehicle-mode, at least.)

Anyway, here are some links which may, or may not, have just been copied and pasted from the 'About Me' page. If you decide to follow me on twitter, or wherever, then please send me a message saying 'hi', if only so that I know you're not spam.

Facebook: Toys R Us UK
Toyology Central. All reviews from me (and all the other toyologists) will be posted there. Plus there're competitions and other exciting things! Maybe even free cookies! But probably not.

Like all the cool kids, I'm on twitter. Follow me and...find out...stuff. Yes. Learn Stuff.

'Isn't the Toybox your blog?' I hear you ask. Yes, it is. I also have another one. The Toybox covers toys (surprisingly), The Visitor covers everything else. I started it to semi-plug my book, but it's really where everything that isn't toys gets put.

I have a website about chairs and bridges. It's not as insane as it sounds. Unless...yeah, maybe it is. But if you happen to live somewhere that isn't covered by The Map, it would be much appreciated if you helped out!

End of line.


  1. Congratulations on becoming a fellow toyologist!

  2. Welcome to the Gang, you, sorry, I mean the children are going to love it !