Sunday, 12 December 2010

(Almost a) Toyologist Review: Ben 10 Alien Swarm Action Cycle

£12.99, Toys R Us.

Fill this Ben 10 action cycle up with water, do a wheelie and press down on the cycle's back wheel to fire water from the bike's exhaust!

I arrived home from the hospital and told my boys they'd got a new baby sister. Were they bothered? No, of course not. They were far more interested in the large box that had arrived. Yep, my prize for almost being good enough to be a Toyologist had arrived!

First out of the box: Ben 10 Brum Bike!

On my entry to the Toyologist competition I put that my 2 year old loved playing with his brother's Ben 10 toys. The oldest had his birthday a little over a month ago, and since then the 2YO has been carrying round his brother's Ben 10 (and skateboard) at all times.

So to say that he was happy when he found Toys R Us had sent a Ben 10 brum bike is an understatement. As I write this he is currently in bed cuddling the thing.

He even loves the box, and is using it as a garage.

He has 2 complaints though.  First, despite much pulling, Ben's helmet won't come off. This is probably the worst thing a toy manufacturer can ever, ever do. If a toy comes with a helmet, it MUST come off. No excuses.

Second, there's a picture of 'Mummy Brum Bike' (aka the Elena Action Cycle) on the back of the box which he obviously doesn't have. He wasn't very happy about this.

The bike is good quality and ought to stand up to a lot of throwing about the room. Ben 10 is one of the few toy lines that is priced in the range of children's pocket money (the 3 3/4" figures are ~£5 which is pretty good value these days). The bike is priced at £12.99.

Instead of the usual missile-firing (and subsequently missile-losing) action, the bike can be filled with water and then shot from the exhaust. Whilst this makes an interesting change on the usual, I haven't tested this as I don't really want the kids knowing it has this ability.

I kind of like my house being dry.

I would give my 4YO's opinion on the bike, however he hasn't had chance to play with it yet. And I doubt he will any time soon.

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