Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Construction: Han Solo in Carbonite, part 6

You may have noticed that there has been something a little missing from my Han so far. Yeah, hands. Hands are tricky. Sculpting them from scratch would be a disaster. I've attempted to buy some, but couldn't find anything for a reasonable price.

After watching a bunch of videos on YouTube I decided to make a mould of my own hands and then cast then. Seems simple enough from the videos...

Then I got scared and decided, as a first attempt at casting, I'd skip the 'moulding' part and make a cast from some rubber gloves and some plaster of paris.

Turns out it's really simple to do. Though I did snap off 2 fingers shortly after taking the photo.

There was a slight problem attempting to stick them on the board. The wrists are completely the wrong shape. My solution was to start chiseling away at the back, attempting to get a flat edge, and in the process making a giant mess in my garden of semi-set plaster.

In the end, in a move that can only be described as crazy, I started scraping the things up and down on the path. I snapped another finger, but it did achieve what I wanted.

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