Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Construction: Han Solo in Carbonite, part 3

Recently we discovered that a bookcase in our house had gone a bit...well, it needed to be chucked out.

But then I had a better idea!

So Han Solo isn't going to be on a cardboard block anymore. Since I could find a piece of the appropriate size to cover the back of the bookcase, this plan is only possible due to the clear-out currently taking place at school and the resultant chucking out of (another) bookcase (bookcases are really suffering at the moment!). It's been cut to size and nailed onto the (first) bookcase. Plywood is a right s.o.b and I ended up with a mass of splinters in the fingers, but I'm sure (/hope) it was worth the pain.

Over the past couple of months I've been procuring items to help make Han's body. These (again) mostly originate from school: a pair of old wellies, a t-shit, and a pair of my old jeans.

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