Monday, 14 September 2015

Review: Marvel Legends Tiger Shark

If there was an award for the most ridiculous-looking comic book character...well, there'd likely be a lot of competition for that crown. But for the moment we're going to just concentrate on the completely insane Tiger Shark....because that's the figure I've just bought from Toys R Us!

I first came across Tiger Shark in, I think, Avengers: The Initiative. It was the comic where a bunch of kids were being trained to be superheroes. I took an instant like to him because, well, he looked ridiculous. Until about 5 minutes ago when I skimmed through his Wikipedia entry, I didn't really know what his powers were and definitely had no idea what his origin was.

 An Olympic swimmer, after attention, attempts to rescue a drowning man but in the process breaks his back. Cue a merging of his DNA with a shark's and the birth of a supervillain with superhuman strength and adamantium teeth.

So now you know!

This doesn't provide any reason why he's been released in an Ant-Man themed series of Legends figures, but then there's also no reason why the Build A Figure for this set is Ultron.

Tiger Shark comes dressed in a one-piece metallic purple and orange ensemble, complete with finned head. I don't pretend to be any kind of fashion expert, but even I know this is not a good look. The fact that Tiger Shark has a menacing look on his face and huge pointy teeth does nothing to make him more frightening. If you ran into this guy in the street - which is unlikely as you'd see him coming a mile off and turn the other way - you'd likely burst into fits of laughter.

While the colours on the figure are bright (boy, is this guy going to stand out amongst the rest!), the paintwork isn't brilliant, despite it's simplicity. The torso is cast in metallic purple plastic and the orange painted on top. Unfortunately the orange doesn't taken very well to the plastic and there are gaps in the paint and you can see, to some extent the purple beneath all over the figure.

Articulation, as you'd expect from a Marvel Legends figure, is extensive and all the boot-cuts, ankle-swivels and wrist joints are present. The only thing missing is finger articulation and toe joint, so, thanks also to the tight joints, posing Tiger Shark is great and you can have a lot fun getting him in interesting poses.

As a bonus, Tiger-Shark comes complete with (movie) Ultron's right arm. Not really much to say about that unless I eventually get all the other parts.

I'm not sure how many people were clamoring for a Tiger Shark figure, but I definitely wanted one and it's nice that Hasbro are going the Star Wars-route and releasing pretty much everyone in plastic form. Characters such as Tiger Shark add a bit of interest amongst the sea of Iron Mans and Captain Americas.

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