Monday, 21 September 2015

Best Weekend Ever!

For really no other reason than it being AWESOME, I'm going to write about my weekend and the nice new stuff that now fills my house. I told a Year 1 class about it all this morning but they got a tad confused and thought I'd won some (live) turtles. Maybe that's why I'm writing this now: to set things straight with a bunch of 5 and 6 year olds who are highly unlikely to ever read these words.

It began on Friday, seconds before the school run, when a parcel arrived containing the Funko Garbage Pail Kids vinyl figures. Despite a couple of annoying quality control issues (including a missing accessory), these are, overall, really great figures who are all now living in a row beneath my TV.

Also included were a couple of Star Wars Black figures. I'm cherry-picking my favourites from the Black line, of which these are two. Got to love the bounty hunters and Han, well, I'd ordered the Luke in Stormtrooper disguise because he was, well, cheap so I needed Had to go with him.

It was 20% off at Smyths Fri-Mon so jumped in the car and headed there. I picked up a couple of things for the kids to be put away for Christmas, plus a big bundle of the new Micro Machines. I loved the old Micros, never understood why they went away, and am extremely glad that they're back (no photo, sorry, because they've got mixed in with the Christmas stuff which has been Sent To Santa).

After having 'one last look around' before leaving, I spotted something on the shelves that was a BIG surprise. The Ninja Turtles Classics '1990 movie' figures were a Toys R Us exclusive in the USA, which meant getting them over here for a reasonably price was...well, pretty much impossible. Finding them in Smyths, reduced, and with 20% off nicely rounded off that trip.

...Except the trip wasn't over! While I was out I stuck my head in Poundstretcher and found two 3-packs of 'Monster 500' cars. I'm a sucker for this type of thing - anything with a monster and it's immediately in the shopping basket. When memories of how much I'd just spent in Smyths, followed by how much I was going to get in trouble with my wife later, filled my head I put them pack on the shelf.

...Until I went round Poundland, found that they had all the ones missing from the collection that Poundstretcher didn't have, and thus I ended up with the complete set of 10 cars. How could I turn down owning the lot?

Arrived back home to find a note that a delivery had attempted while I was out and was now sitting next door. It turned out to be two big boxes of Masters of the Universe Classics figures - 7 figures in total (plus a head pack).

Essentially I spent the rest of the afternoon, before picking the kids up from school and my wife coming home from work, opening everything and then trying to hide all the packaging.

Which moves us on to Saturday. How could that possibly meet the high expectations of the day before? Well...

An early morning delivery of the Transformers Unite Menasor set. 5 robots, made way better than their Western counterparts and for roundabout the same price. Excellent. I do love the combiner-robots being made at the moment. They're at the perfect level of complexity between looking good and being fun to play with.

Shortly afterwards I discovered that some courier company (which, I am uncertain of) hadn't bothered to ring the doorbell and had instead just left a parcel on the doorstep. 3 more Black figures for the collection - two bounty hunters (of a sort) and Luke in Stormtrooper disguise! I have managed to break IG-88's arm though. Stupid thing!

Sunday was more of a time for relaxation and enjoying the fruits of the previous two days than receiving even more stuff. Plus in the afternoon I spent a couple of hours playing the Spartacus Board Game with the kids and soundly thrashing them at it. The children learnt an important lesson about gamboling  - i.e. don't place bets against Dad.

As it drew near to the children's bedtime they decided to have a fight over what to watch on TV: Transformers: The Movie (the good one) or Beast Wars. Never been more proud!

To top a jolly good weekend, just as I was going to bed, I stumbled across the Discworld Board game on EBay. I assume this game is now out of print as the prices have jumped to stupid levels recently and to find it for a sensible amount of money was very nice indeed.

So that was my weekend. Essentially, I got lots of new toys and beat the children at a game. Life doesn't get any better than this!

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