Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Review: Combiner Wars Legends Powerglide

Generally I'm loving the Combiner Wars toys. Generally. There are one or two, however, which can I put this?...not so great.

Powerglide is one of them.

He comes packaged in robot mode and thus my first impressions of him were wonderful. A fab little figure, with plenty of posability, who looks just like I remember him from 198-whatever. Could not fault this robot in any way. Well, apart from the butt-flap.

Then you come to transform him.

Things rapidly start to go downhill. To be clear, the transformation is fairly simple and you definitely won't need to reach for the instruction sheet. However, getting everything locked into place in plane-mode is a right pain. It's all a bit flimsy and nothing really holds and the whole thing just pops apart again resulting in frustration overload.

What probably doesn't help is that Hasbro have gifted Powerglide with a 3rd mode to transform into. Yes, apparently as well as kicking Air Raid off the Aerialbots (at least initially), Hasbro decided to hire Powerglide onto the team and turn him into Superion's gun. The result is not fantastic. In fact, I so completely do not care for this gun that I couldn't be bothered taking photos of it.

To save spending more time talking about this toy than is necessary, I'll summarise: Powerglide makes for a great robot. Just don't bother turning him into anything else.

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