Monday, 10 August 2015

Review: Combiner Wars Legends Bombshell

I've heaped praise on the Combiner Wars line before and in this review I will, essentially, be doing it all over again. After a few years of being unable to walk the line between good looking robot & vehicle modes and transformations don't take a degree in transforming from Cybertron university, Hasbro have completely nailed it.

Take Bombshell...

Obviously Legends-sized toys have never been overly complicated, but there's still a skill in making both modes look good, being solid and not fiddly to transform. Bombshell here is absolutely perfect.

As a robot, Bombshell looks exactly how a Generation 1 fan would expect Bombshell to look. He is poseable in just about any position you'd care to put him in, even including a waist-twist. The plastic is of very good quality, the paint bright. The only minor nitpick is that his fists are too far into 'gun' territory than hand, but this is minor, as I say.

Transforming takes a few seconds and doesn't take a genius to work it out. Whilst quick, it's also fun and I've been sat for quite a while whizzing him back and forth between the two modes. Whilst the screen-accuracy of, for example, the Masterpiece Transformers is fantastic, some of those transformations are complex and (occasionally) frustrating and it's nice to sit and fiddle with something a bit more simple.

Bombshell is a nice little beetle. Again, once in his mode he is very solid and locks together nicely. The legs can be moved individually, though there's only the single joint per leg (they're not exactly large limbs so good look to anyone who could fit more on).

Perfect for adult collectors to add to their Classics collection, and great for kids to actually play(!) with. It's a shame that Legends toys have reached the £10 price point, but I would heartily recommend investing.

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