Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Rant: eBay Sellers, part 2

Following on from my previous post, I received a reply from eBay who basically said that he was obliged to send out my toy, just like a buyer is obliged to pay for auctions won.

I contacted the seller again, informing them of this and warning that I would officially report him to eBay. In response, the seller said that he also contacted eBay who apparently told him that he was under no obligation to send the item out if he didn't want to, just like buyers aren't obliged to pay for auctions won.

Hmm, bit of a difference there.

Anyway, I've now reported him to eBay and I see negative feedback in this seller's immediate future. If this does indeed happen I shall be sure to name and shame the seller on every toy forum I can so he has as much trouble as possible selling the toy.

No one messes with me and gets away with it!

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