Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Review: Power Rangers & Ben 10 Mini Figures

This is a sponsored review.

Blind bags - you either love them or hate them. On the plus side there're relatively cheap, thus great for pocket money or keeping a small child quiet while you're shopping. On the negative you never know what you're going to get and - as evidenced by us getting 2 Pink Rangers from the 3 Power Rangers packs we were sent. This is where having friends who collect them comes in very handy, or - as a last resort - ebay.

There are 6 different characters in the Power Rangers Samurai range - 5 Rangers plus a villain in the form of a Mooger. These are duplicated in regular colours, plus single-colour translucent versions. They are partially articulated, with the arms having a swivel.

Ben 10 features 16 characters from across the various cartoon series, again in both 'normal' colours and a translucent green. These are non-articulated and a little smaller than the Power Rangers. While the children don't have a particular preference between the two sets, personally I prefer the Ben 10 ones and their chunkier sculpts.

There are two aspects about these in particular that I like. Their small size means they're perfect for a bunch of them to fit in a child's pocket. In addition, children can throw them around to their hearts content and they're not going to break them. A bit of paint might chip off, but that's about all the damage anyone will be able to inflict. There's no sitting with a tube of glue, holding an arm in one hand and a torso in the other and wondering how on Earth you're ever going to stick the two back together with these figures!

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