Thursday, 16 August 2012

News: Toyology 2012

As you are more than likely aware, last year I was a Toyologist. This meant that Toys R Us sent me a lot of toys and in return I wrote(/created) a lot of reviews. Some of the formats I used were a little...unusual. Crossword? Yep, did that. Choose Your Own Review? Yeah, did that too. And a comic and a bunch of videos and various other things. I like to experiment.

They're all listed here, if you happen to have missed them.

The programme is running again this year, albeit with a few modifications. This time around it'll be running for 3 months and to ensure people receive toys appropriate for their children there will be 3 age categories.

Interested in taking part?

Applying is simple. Just review a toy & fill out a form.

To save reinventing the wheel (aka 'typing out a load of stuff someone else has already done') I'll direct you to the Toys R Us Facebook page, specifically this bit which tells you all about it.

The application deadline is Thursday 23rd August.

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