Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Review: Wuzzles PVC figures

Those of you who read my Memorabilia/Comic Con review will recall that I mentioned buying 2 items there, both of them Trek-related. Neither of these is the subject of this review, the first of a (potential) batch of 'stuff I bought there'. No, instead this is a look at the first thing I dove into my wallet to pay for at the event: PVC Wuzzles.

Do many people remember Wuzzles? It only lasted 13 episodes before disappearing forever. I remember, however, because for some inexplicable reason, a long long time ago my mum decided to record some of them off the telly. They therefore had numerous rewatchings over the course of my childhood and are remembered with a fondness.

The idea was that all the animals were a mixture of two. 'Two times the fun,' as the theme tune stated. Eleroo, for example, was part elephant and part kangaroo...with some wings thrown in for good measure (almost all the Wuzzles had wings for some reason). I'm trying desperately to think of something to elaborate on the setup, but that's about it: a land of two things mixed up into one. Oh the hilarity!

Unfortunately, some time later, my mum went through the piles of VHS tapes (ask your parents what these are, children) and wiped a load we (ie she) didn't want anymore. She didn't think to cross out the tape label, however, so it was only when I came to watch it in my (cough) 2nd year at uni (cough) that I realised this. No more Wuzzles, instead some weird drama.

Despite pretty much everything having been released on DVD now, Disney have opted not to do this with Wuzzles, so the only way the uninitiated can possibly know what I'm talking about is resorting to YouTube.

This little collection of figures was in a box labelled '3 for £10'. They were on their backing cards but due to my mission to free all imprisoned toys, they didn't stay this way for long. Before MOCers start screaming at me, one of the bubbles was badly faded, another card was a bit bashed and the third...actually the 3rd was near-perfect.

The figures are around 3-4" in height and the packaging declares them to be aimed at pre-schoolers. They don't scream 'baby toys!', however, so I'm guessing the appeal extended to older children who liked the cartoon.

Putting Moosel aside for a moment, the articulation on the other two is a tad add. Upon first look it seems as though they have the standard (of the time) 5-point articulation, with joints at the arms, legs and head. Weirdly, however, while the arms are linked so if you turn one, the other rotates with it. The two legs are independent. With their large feet, there are no problems getting these to stand up.

While the personalities from the cartoon don't really come across in the toys, I do like the look of these. The faces are friendly and appealing and the colours are bright and reasonably well painted. And of course, being pre-school toys, you can safely chuck them around without any fear of bits breaking off.

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