Monday, 8 September 2014

Review: Transformers Generations Rattrap

Updates of Beast Wars toys have been appearing slowly but steadily over the past few years. It wasn't very long ago that a Voyager-sized Rhinox arrived on the scene and now we have Rattrap.

This is the 'original' version of Rattrap as seen in the computer-generated TV show and toyline. All beast, no transmetal. Since I watched season 1 last, it's my least favourite look but since I don't work for Hasbro I don't get any say.

I usually start by describing the robot in Transformers reviews, so I'll start with the alt-mode for a change. It is, essentially, a perfect representation of a rat. As I hinted in my Skybyte review, the jaw is moveable, which I love, though bizarrely Hasbro have painted the top of the teeth but not bothered with the side.

In the cartoon, Rattrap very often sat on his hind legs and used his fore to do...stuff. Hasbro have thoughtfully included his, going so far as to cover the area at the back of his head that would otherwise become exposed when his head is moved down.

The old toy, which I should probably have dug out for a comparison, featured an auto-transform gimmick. From rat-mode, you kind of unhooked his tail and the rest of him sprang out into a robot. Fun, but limiting. The transformation for the Generations toy is a lot more complicated and it takes quite a bit of fiddling to get all the bits in the right place.

The robot is, from the front, fantastic. Top scores for the long as you don't look too closely at his hands which are HUGE in comparison with the rest of him. He comes with a large blaster which can split into two smaller ones. In addition he has a pair of binoculars which store in his arm.

From the side, things are a lot less pretty. The back kibble doesn't fold away particularly well and it all looks a bit of a mess. Best not to dwell on this view really.

Rattrap looks great with the other Beast Wars updates previously released and I can't wait to see more Maximals and Predacons added to the collection soon!

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