Thursday, 24 July 2014

Review: 24" Ghostbusters Stay Puft Bank

When it comes to Mr Stay Puft bigger is always better. First we had the NECA version, then we had the Mattel version, and now we have the Diamond Select 'bank' version.

...because it's definitely a bank, right? With Mattel still hold the action figure rights, it means the stuff put out by Diamond Select has to have a coin slot to avoid any annoying court action. Accordingly, Stay Puft is completely free of articulation, but then the articulation on Stay Puft would have been so limited its absence is completely unnoticeable.

Unlike the nobbly NECA version, the DS bank is completely smooth. Whether you prefer this or not is completely down to you, though having had to remove rather a thick layer of dust from the NECA figure for the photo in this review, I will say that it's a lot easier cleaning a smooth object. The bank does had a bit of a problem with stability, thanks to his semi-walking stance. Admittedly, I've been trying to stand him on the garden path and carpet, not on a level shelf, but he does topple quite easily - something neither of the other two do.

The bodies of all 3 are very similar, but vary quite a lot in their heads. Stood on their own, I like all three faces but together, I think DS nails it the most. I'm not sure if it's the most accurate or not, but it's the one I like the best. In a comparison shot, the Mattel one really looks wrong.

What I don't like, however, is the blue shading. Not that I'm against shading - I think it was used very effectively on the NECA figure - but I think whoever was in charge of the paint in the DS factory went a little overboard. There's simply far, far too much of it.

Build-wise, the bank beats both of the other figures. This is one big solid chunk of plastic. Not that this was a problem with the NECA version, but the Mattel one was pretty horrendous for being easily damaged. Look at that one the wrong way and he'd become covered in dents and scratches. No such problem with the bank. Besides the issue of him being bright white and thus potentially picking up dirt, there's zero chance of him being damaged even if your kids through him around the house all day (I speak from experience).

Bigger is always better with Stay Pufts and while the 80s Kenner HQ is currently living at Grandma's house where I can't compare it, I'm pretty sure the DS bank is now almost in scale with that playset (something which definitely could not be said of the Kenner Stay Puft). If you collect the 80s figures, the minimates or the Mattel 6 inch line, this figure is definitely one to get hold of.

Meanwhile, my 3 year old is using it as her new best friend and regularly plays putting her to bed...

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