Friday, 18 April 2014

Review: NECA Videogame RoboCop

After the success of the Friday 13th NES videogame inspired figure, released as an SDCC exclusive last year, it was inevitable that more would follow. We've had Nightmare on Elm Street, RoboCop has just hit and Predator (and more!) are on the way. It's fortunate that NECA hold the rights to the characters from so many of these games.

The best part of this figure is without doubt the packaging. While there will be some people who remove the figures for display, most will display them in their game-inspired boxes. The attention to detail on these boxes is fantastic, from the artificial 'damage' to the box edges to the themed NECA logo. These definitely originate from people who love and want to honor the old games.

As to the figure, RoboCop is a straight-up repaint of an earlier release, RoboCop with spring-loaded holster. This action feature doesn't work very well, at least on my figure and the leg panel keeps popping off. The clip holding it on looks very fragile and thus I won't be playing with this feature in the future. The joints are very stiff are it's quite hard to get any 'action' poses out of the figure, but he stands holding his gun nicely enough.

The paint scheme echoes RoboCop as he appeared in the game - various shades of blue. The 'look' of the figure in the videogame releases is of most importance (since 90% of people will be keeping these boxed) and NECA have absolutely nailed the figure in this regard.

If you bought Jason last summer then it's highly likely you also bought Freddy and will soon, if you don't already, be buying this one. I can't wait for the future releases!

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