Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review: MOTUC Spirit of Hordak

Ah, the infamous Spirit of Hordak, born engulfed in controversy. But having already had a rant about the circumstances under which he was sold, I'll put that aside for this review. I'll also put aside the amount I had to bleedin' pay to Royal Mail in customs (and 'handling') charges. From now until the bottom of the page I'll solely be talking about the merits (or demerits) of the figure alone.

Basically, Spirit of Hodak (SoH) is a translucent red repaint of the regular Hordak figure released near the beginning of the Classics line. For those who aren't subscribers, his 'spirit' form was seen in the mini-comic which came with the subscription exclusive figure King He-Man.

If you have the old Hordak figure, you know what to expect with this one. The plastic is a bit more rubbery, presumably a result of the transulcent-ness. There are two slightly different shades of red plastic used for the figure: the cape and armour pieces are slightly more pink. The only paint applications are his eyes, the Horde symbol on his chest and the armband - all of them in red.

Unlike the previous figure, which came with a number of accessories, Spirit of Hordak comes with only one - but it's a good one. In the 80s Hordak came with a white crossbow, however, despite a couple of colour variations being released in the Classics line, for some reason Mattel has never released it in white. Until now!

Spirit is far from an essential purchase, and stands out a mile when stood among the other Classics figures. But then if, like me, you have an odd attraction to translucent figures and the hours of fun you can have shining various light sources behind them, then maybe he is essential.

(apologies for lack of torchy-glowy photos)

Spirit of Hordak will be available at various points throughout the year on Only Mattel know exactly when! Grumble grumble mattycollector grumble digital river grumble grumble...

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